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September is coming...
The leaves are falling, the days are getting longer - Autumn is coming? No reason for bad mood! Finally you can make yourself comfortable at home again. Of course there are great events to go with it. Reduced videos, three different percentage actions and a free show with hotJackylafey.

The next events in the overview:
  • 15.09 - 18.09. - 30% Bonus (777)
  • 15.08. - 17.09. - 35% Bonus (JL)
  • 23.09 Freeshow with hotJackylafey
  • 27.09. - 30.09. - Videodays (777)
  • 28.09. - 01.10. - 25% Bonus (JL)
You can find the complete newsletter here: Newsletter from 10.09.2018

Hot August Promotions

The current heat wave has a firm grip on all of Germany. It is not always easy to keep a cool head. Good that the users can continue to relax, at least with us. Even in this weather, our girls are busy at work, providing all the visitors with the usual sexy action.
Of course, the team of 777Partner has come up with great events again. This time on offer: discounted videos, three different bonus promotions and a free show with Fickschnitte18. No wishes will remain unsatisfied!

The next promotions in overview:
  • 05.08 - 09.08. - 50% Discount on all videos (777)
  • 06.08. - 10.08. - 20% Bonus (JL)
  • 13.08. - 30.07. - 30% Bonus (777)
  • 15.08. - 17.08. - 25% Bonus (JL)
  • 22.08. - Freeshow with Fickschnitte18
You can find the complete newsletter here: Newsletter from 30.07.2018

Bonus event for the Football World Cup 2018
With the start of the Football World Cup 2018 on June 14, the big World Cup bonus campaign begins on 777 Livecams and JetztLive. Until the final on the 16th of July, every matchday the goals will be added together and the percentage of the bonus will be calculated.
The more goals, the more percentages!
That should ensure even in the hot football phase for decent sales before, during and after the games. At 777livecams and JetztLive we will present this promotion accordingly effective. We wish you an exciting World Cup 2018!

You can find the complete newsletter here: Newsletter from 2018/06/12
Everything is new in May!
Everything is new in May! Again, great actions are waiting for the users! Sun, Beer & Free Coins are on sale on Father's Day. Not only for fathers but also for non-fathers, everyone is invited to celebrate with us. The everyday life can sometimes be a bit tough, so we have a mental strengthening for the user. Once at the beginning of the week and once in the direction of the end of the week, there is an event that makes you forget about everyday life.
Exclusive highlight at 777Livecams and JetztLive will be the Freeshow with VIPLara in May. In her show, she has been entertaining users for some time, now she gets the full attention. 30 minutes she will deliver a hardcore show at its best. No wishes will remain unsatisfied!

Events at 777 livecams & JetztLive
  • Wow! 40% more for Father's Day from 10.05.18 - 11.05.18
  • Started cool! - 14.05. - 16.05.18
  • Final spurt for the weekend! - 22.04. - 25.04.18
  • Freeshow with VIPLara - 20.05.18 - 21: 00h

The complete newsletter with the events for the next 4 weeks you can find here: Newsletter from 2018/05/07
The next 4 weeks at 777partner 2018/03/12
The partner newsletter with the events for the next 4 weeks can be found here: Newsletter from 2018/03/12

Events at 777livecams and
These events have been added:
* Slot Machine: do it 7 times a day - 18/03/12 to 18/03/16
* Steak & Blowjob Day, 50 % Bonus - 18/03/14, just one day
* Freeshow with Desire Noe - 18/03/18 9 p.m. - 35% bonus coins following
* 25 % more coins - 18/03/23 to 18/03/25

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