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2016 Football EC bonus campaign
As soon as the 2016 European championship begins on 10th June, our 777livecams "More hard core for each goal" campaign kicks in. Until the final on 10th July, we will add up all the goals of each day and use that number to calculate a bonus percentage that is granted to users on every purchase of Coins.

The more goals, the higher the percentage!

That's to ensure constant revenues even in the hot phase of football - before, during and after the matches. We will promote the campaign with effective advertising on 777livecams.

Use the small Bannerset for EC 2016, Download at your partner account.
You can find your direkt link to bonus- and goal-table also at your partner account.

This is another case for the BrowserSticky! Once you have integrated it into your own page, the "PostIt" is activated automatically for every campaign..
For more information on the BrowserSticky, please visit 777partner.

We hope you have an exciting 2016 European championship!
New version of Cambox-Banner tool for 777Livecams
"Greater flexibility in terms of image sizes for the "Cambox-Banner" marketingtool for 777Livcams": this wish has now been granted!
However, for technical reasons, we couldn't simply update the existing marketing tool, we needed to set up a completely new version. Which means we (currently) have two versions in use.

Apart from the number of pixels, the new version also lets you choose between a row-and-column and a dynamic option, for which you only need to select the number of shows.

This could be an interesting tool particularly for responsive designs, as the shows will fill the available space without changing the image size of the show images. Just give it a go!

Cambox-Banner for 777Livecams available at "Marketing-Tools"

Of course you can also continue to use the "old" version, which is linked to the Cambox Banner page.
AdBlock-Plus update for all marketing tools
The last change to our marketing tools for "Adblock Plus" lasted for a bit more than six months, during which all our marketing tools were displayed even if the ad blocker was installed.

But a few days ago, we were "listed" by Adblock Plus, so we have had to redesign all our marketing tools.

If you want your advertising to show despite "Adblock Plus", make sure you get the new script code for your tools at 777partner now!

The easiest way to get there:

## Open a marketing tool of your choice on 777partner, for example:
## Click on "Load active marketing tool" (option is available for all marketing tools)
## Copy the script code you have been using until now in the pop-up window's input box and click on "Load settings"
## The marketing tool will open, also opening up the settings (may vary depending on the issue date of the script)
## Check all the options! (Enter any changes or optimisations you would like to make)
## Click on "Preview and generate script"
## Copy the new script code into your page => Done!

Should your old script code not load the marketing tool correctly, please get in touch with us so we can take the required steps.

We test the functionality our marketing tools regularly in order to keep up with ad blocking tools. When another update is required, we will inform you by e-mail.
40% for all cam products and € 10 'on top' from 15.08
The 777 Systems products are known for delivering strong revenues over the long-term. In future, you can benefit even more from them, as we are raising the payment for 777Livecams and JetztLive products from 33% to an incredible 40% (*) for every new user who registers after 15th August.

Sharp calculation!
In order to really fill the cup to the brim, we will be paying out an additional € 10 (!) for EVERY non-cancelled initial booking by users who register newly after 15th August for at least three months!

Got good traffic? Give it to us! ;-)

*) As usual, from adjusted net revenue.
New responsive landingpages now online
Eight new responsive landing pages have been designed for 777livecams and JetztLive, and are now available for you in the marketing tools.

You can create Landingpages 777Livecams and Landingpages JetztLive here at 777partner
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