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Terms and Conditions (TAC) for
Status: 11/2017



777-Partner is an affiliate system on the internet, where individuals or companies (hereinafter 'Partner') can register to receive compensations for advertising for mediated customer profits. This agreement shall be valid throughout the entire duration of the contractual relationship.

General information

Various websites or services are connected to the 777-Partner system and can be promoted by the partner through special links provided by 777-Partner.
The Partner receives a system-dependent advertising compensation for sales generated from new customers over at least 12 months. Cancellations shall be deducted immediately upon valuation and disclosure or shall be calculated against future profits.

Partner obligations

The Partner is solely responsible for Partner's contents, links and all contents to be in compliance with the legal regulations in Partner's country. Partner guarantees, according to Partner's country restrictions, to be of legal age, to contractually provide proper personal data and keep these updated at all times. Should Partner not comply with these terms, Partner shall face the resulting consequences.
To access the partner program the partner receives access data, which shall be treated strictly confidential and under no circumstances should be made accessible to third parties. The partner is obligated, according to the regulations valid in his country, to declare all compensations of costs for advertising to the appropriate fiscal authority.
To use a Partner-Account for own consumption will be regarded as a violation and will result into immediate suspension of the account (excluded are test-entries).

Compensations for advertising and payments

Compensations for advertising are calculated from the payments by each client and the payment-regulation for the products of each individual partner-program. Each time a client enters a 777-Partner service through the special partner-link and a payment takes place, the partner will receive the admitted compensation for advertising for a period of 12 months (starting with the day of registration). If payments of costs for advertising for existing customers continue beyond this period it will be voluntary benefits by 777-Partner. Permanent claims do not arise.
Amounts cancelled shall be deducted from the current commissions after they are noticed. In case the cancelled amount cannot be calculated against existing or new commissions, 777-Partner reserves itself the right to claim the negative balance from the partner.
On the 15th day of every month, a settlement of costs for advertising will be created from the previous month's revenues by 777-Partner and transferred solely to bank account-informations given by the partner. All transfer-charges will be recipient's responsibility. The minimum amount payable is 30 EUR per partner/billing for EU-transactions and 50 EUR for NON-EU transactions. Does the total commission amount per billing not reach this minimum-transfer-amount, the commision will be added to the next billing cycle until the minimum-transfer-amount is reached.
Funds that have not been transferred expire after 3 years. A billing-consolidations to different than partner's main-accounts are not possible.

Termination of contract and cancellation

Both, partner and 777-Partner, may terminate this agreement at anytime and without explanations. All advertising materials provided by 777-Partner, such as Banners, Screenshots etc. (including backup copies) may not be used by the partner anylonger and must be deleted on all data platforms.

Availability and Liability

777-Partner shall take all possible measures to guarantee the highest possible availability of the systems. Interruptions due to necessary maintenance shall be carried out during low traffic hours. In case of inaccurate services 777-Partner will only be held liable in case of gross negligent and deliberate action. 777-Partner does exclude itself from any further liability.

Protection of data privacy

If needed all relevant partner-data will be saved by 777-Partner and will only make use of data for internal purposes. A disclosure of data to third parties, who are not authorized by law, is excluded.

Severability Clause

Should any regulations of this contract be - or become invalid or unfeasible, all parties will be obliged to substitute the invalid or unfeasible regulations with other valid and feasible regulations that come so close in terms of economic success to the invalid or unfeasible regulations that it is reasonable to assume that the parties have also concluded the contract with this clause.
The new established regulations are supposed to match the approximate economical success of intitial invalid or unfeasible regulations in such way, it could be reasonably assumed, that the parties would have intitially made the agreement with substituted clause. In case such agreement cannot be reached, the non-validity or non-feasibility of one or more contract terms shall not affect the validity of the contract as a whole, unless the invalid or unfeasible terms are of such importance to the contract, that it can be reasonably assumed, that the parties would not have signed the contract without the invalid or unfeasible terms.
Same conditions and regulations are valid for any existing loopholes.


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