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You would like to earn money with web-erotic? Here is your golden opportunity!
Highlights overview:
arrow over 40 different products with various layout-possibilities
arrow you can promote all programs with a single partner-ID
arrow your client remains your client, even if he signs-in somewhere else*
arrow support of your marketing by project-IDs and statistics
arrow E-mail marketing by us with your webmaster-ID
arrow select from the displayed payment-methods
arrow no costs for you - no risk for you
arrow individually configurable AVS-systems
arrow absolutely reliable billing
arrow competent, quick support
arrow detailed payout-statistics
arrow long subsequent profits
arrow ready-made advertising material
arrow promotion commissions
arrow fair commissions
icon - Now available with your own phone number!
In addition to the 'shared phone number' you are used to, is now also available in Germany with the often-requested personal phone number.

Changing the service over to your number is easy. On the product page, just select the option - done! It only takes an hour for the changed settings to be available online.

More information on the two options is available on the product web page.
20% campaign for your users - starting 11th March 2014
We're starting today - with a new round of the highly popular 20% campaign for users under the motto "Off we go - get traffic going on 777!"

Period: 11th to 24th March 2014 (inclusive of first/last day)

During the campaign period, users will receive an impressive 20% of extra Coins on (except for voice / OneCall services), meaning users can spend more time flirting with our amateur performers! From our experience, users don't only make use of the occasion to chat extensively, but they also tend to 'hord coins'.
We will bear the extra costs - you will be paid out as usual!

By the way... Of course you can support the campaign by using the "Browser Sticker" marketing tool as an eyecatcher on your website, providing you have installed the feature.
For more information on Browser Stickers look into the partnerarea.
New marketing tool: ruf777 status bar
You can now use the new "status bar" marketing tool to advertise your service in the partner area.

Once you have integrated it into your page, it is displayed at the bottom of the browser window, advertising the main selectable programme. There are currently seven different layouts to choose from, five of which feature colour schemes you can adapt to your own web page's design.
Now it's becoming unfair!
You're getting everything and we're getting nothing. Instead of the usual 33% (for Webmasters, Shows, Providers), you'll get 100% - the whole cake* - of adjusted net-sales*. How it will happen?

With the TuTh-100%-777livecams-Partner-Campaign!

Starting immediately, every Tuesday and Thursday you will receive the complete initial payment of your customer - no matter when he registered.
The best part: This campaign will run through to the end of November. So, go quickly to the Marketingtools von and using the multitude of successful advertising tools - put together a great promotion for your Network.

*Of course the Shows will continue to receive their 33% Remuneration. We 'll cover that too and thus receive less than nothing. It's just the way we are.

*The adjusted net sales is the final customer sale - minus the Tax and the Provider costs.
777Script: Update to Version 8.1
8.1 is the latest version for the LiveCam Portal "777Scripts" and is now available. Please don't wait too long to update - as there have been some important improvements.

You need help with the update?
If you have a problem with the update, you're uncertain or just don't have the time - we are of course here for you - and are happy to do everything necessary for you. Simply write us an eMail. We need the FTP-Access, web address, the web space directory and information about special features, such as: existing layout changes.
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