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You would like to earn money with web-erotic? Here is your golden opportunity!
Highlights overview:
arrow over 40 different products with various layout-possibilities
arrow you can promote all programs with a single partner-ID
arrow your client remains your client, even if he signs-in somewhere else
arrow support of your marketing by project-IDs and statistics
arrow E-mail marketing by us with your webmaster-ID
arrow select from the displayed payment-methods
arrow no costs for you - no risk for you
arrow individually configurable AVS-systems
arrow absolutely reliable billing
arrow competent, quick support
arrow detailed payout-statistics
arrow long subsequent profits
arrow ready-made advertising material
arrow promotion commissions
arrow fair commissions
40% for all cam products and € 10 'on top' from 15.08
The 777 Systems products are known for delivering strong revenues over the long-term. In future, you can benefit even more from them, as we are raising the payment for 777Livecams and JetztLive products from 33% to an incredible 40% (*) for every new user who registers after 15th August.

Sharp calculation!
In order to really fill the cup to the brim, we will be paying out an additional € 10 (!) for EVERY non-cancelled initial booking by users who register newly after 15th August for at least three months!

Got good traffic? Give it to us! ;-)

*) As usual, from adjusted net revenue.
New responsive landingpages now online
Eight new responsive landing pages have been designed for 777livecams and JetztLive, and are now available for you in the marketing tools.

You can create Landingpages 777Livecams and Landingpages JetztLive here at 777partner
Do you need voucher codes?
Should you be interested in voucher codes specifically for your webmaster ID, please get in touch with us.
New hardcore banners for JetztLive
A number of new X-rated banners in varying sizes are now available online for the JetztLive "Banner Rotator" marketing tool and ready to use immediately!
777Script: Update to Version 8.2 / What's new
The upgrade to version 8.2 of the "777Scripts" Livecam portal script for 777livecams is now available. Please don't put off updating your system, as we have made some important improvements.

What's new in Version 8.2?

## New layout with different login window and large images in the gallery.
## MobileOverlay-Javascript: a (responsive) JetztLive content layer is laid over the page for mobile users.
## Parallel advertisving of (MobileOverlay) and (status bar) has been integrated.
## The new version allows users to define meta data and text windows for each category, category subpage and comp card for search engine optimisation.
## All W3C-compliant layouts and the 777Script are now also suitable for servers with "short_open_tag = off" (php.ini).
## AdblockPlus: Blocks applied to advertising or show images internal to the 777Script by AdblockPlus are now lifted through automatic updates.
## Various functionalities optimised

Need help with the update? Should you have any problems with the update, be uncertain or simply not have time - no worries, we can get it done for you! Just send us an e-mail. We will need to know the FTP access information, the URL, the web space directory and any special information, e.g. existing layout changes.

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