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777cinema - Android-App - new price structure
icon777 Our new 777cinema, the 24 hour-flat-rate-hardcore-movies, just got more attractive:

The new Android App. gives your customers the chance to carry a hard-core movie cinema around with them. He can enjoy his subscription either via a web-browser - or his smartphone or tablet. As with the website, the App. is in both English and German. Naturally, your Partner or project ID will also be implemented into the Application. Go to: for further information and the necessary marketing tools.

2. New price structure
To cover your customers usage habits, we have extended the price structure and discontinued the free minutes. He now has the following choices: * Subscription for 9.95 € per. Month
* 3 month subscription for 6.95 € per. Month = 20.85 € per. Order * Annual subscription, one payment of 59.40 € = 4.95 € per. Month = 0.16 € per. Day! 3. Further information is the ideal supplement to generate sales on your website because our program has no hidden costs from third party products. However, please be aware that this version is 100% X rated, therefore we suggest you only advertise it in Countries not requiring child protection.

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